About Us

Woman-owned and operated, She Sadity Couture is designed to promote confidence to the outer style of beauty which promotes inner beauty. Our immediate goal is to connect our consumers with affordable, unique and quality fashion. Our unique items are carefully selected with a mixture of trendy, sophisticated, contemporary and special occasion articles. Our intimate and serene boutique is designed to welcome customers and offer one on one consultation in our collection showroom. When looking for the perfect fit, right color and image flattering outfit, She Sadity Couture is the ideal destination. Established in 2016, originally as an online shopping experience, owner identified there was still are real need for that in person shopping experience and "girl talk" while shopping. "Not everyone likes to wait for their purchased item", says owner She She. In 2017, the She Sadity Couture collection showroom was underway, officially openings its' doors in Taylor, Michigan July 1, 2018.  We invite you get Sadity and experience stellar service and quality couture on line and in store. You will not be disappointed.
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